Digital Marketing Service

As your digital team, we will employ data, information, user insight, and our strategic know-how to take your business to the great heights of digital marketing success. We choose a strategic, user-focused, and data-driven approach to digital marketing.

We promise that your marketing is talking with the right audience and custom-made to deliver the required outcomes. Once you take the assistance of our digital marketing company that confidentially understands your business goals, we would enable you to concentrate on your core objectives with the composure that you are in expert and safe hands.

Whether you plan to enhance the visibility of your website in search, wish to enhance customer engagement through social media and email, or broadly want to boost the revenue your website produces, you are at the right spot. With us, you benefit from services including the entire digital marketing spectrum, organized in strategies to accomplish your specific commercial objectives.

We have worked with businesses small and big, local and international, so if you are an ambitious brand or business searching for good digital marketing services from an established company, try us!


Services We Offer

At Preinfo, we ensure to provide premium solutions to our clients’ needs. We offer assistance through different means. A few of these are:


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the initial step when keeping your baby steps in the online business world. Be sure that users looking for your product and services in Canada can easily approach you through different search engines. We inhabit your website with keywords following the advanced search engine algorithms to get you the best results. No matter what your current SEO analytics are, you have our back with our established and advanced SEO strategies.

We can help you with:

  • Seo-audit
  • Seo strategy
  • Natural link building
  • Content marketing
  • E-commerce SEO
  • Seo detox & penalty removal
  • Keyword & topic research
  • Social SEO
  • Influencer endorsed backlinks
  • Local SEO

No matter what your current SEO analytics are, we will back you with our established SEO Solutions.

Web Analytics

When you have data at your fingertips, you enjoy the authority to create remarkable marketing campaigns. With the assistance of our professionals, you can deal with your biggest business challenges and trials with no hurdles.
You can create landing pages that keep individuals on your website – and convert. You can confidently design promotions with an idea of who your visitors are and their background. You can make your business decisions based on the right and effective feedback. All of this can be on your palms when you embrace web analytics.

We assist you with

  • Analytics implementation
  • Dashboards & reporting
  • Analytics customization
  • Analytics integrations
  • KPI development & measurement
  • Strategies & additional opportunities

Maybe you have the tactics in motion, but are you tracking them properly? Find out what is working and what is stuck with our campaign tracking solutions.

Email Marketing

Sending emails and forwards is also an increasing trend in the world of digital marketing. Emails are getting more personalized than any other type of advertising. Hence, these have better chances of producing leads if used right. We assist you in creating emails with the right approach and generate potential buyers via email contacts. If you are experiencing any hurdles, we are here to assist. It is time to develop robust customer bonds with effective email marketing.

Online Advertising

In this internet era, at Preinfo, we possess the right instruments to take your online advertising efforts to the next level. Online advertising is a must these days, for all types of businesses, big or small, B2B or B2C, sole proprietorship, or a limited company. Companies can improve their brand visibility, attract new customers, engage with current customers, boost sales and provide valuable and real-time customer service through the internet.

Many aspects of online marketing or digital advertising are there. Effective digital advertising campaigns tap into the whole digital marketing ecosystem and touch the base with customers at diverse ranges of the online marketing funnel. The team at Preinfo consists of digital marketing experts who excel at all areas of the digital marketing ecosystem. It is time that you expand your reach with online advertising, and for that, we are here to help you at every step of your journey.

Social Media Advertising

With social media advertising, we can help you reach new heights and surpass your competition. We can help you through:

Facebook Advertising- When talking about social media advertising, Facebook leads in terms of social ads revenue contrary to other social networks. Our seasoned Facebook ad strategies aid your business get the best ROI.

Twitter Advertising – We have the expertise in using Twitter for planting ads that help you accomplish your business goals. Whether your goal is to increase brand awareness or drive traffic to your website, our Twitter advertising can prove game-changing.
LinkedIn Advertising- We, at Preinfo, help your brand grow its reach online and achieve more leads by targeting the correct audience on this leading professional network platform.

YouTube Advertising- You can reach a greater audience when you use video ads. These ads have become a quality way to engage people when they hunt for your products and services. Here, you can target your ads as per interests, demographics, and location.

Instagram Advertising- Instagram is a buzzing place in the present time, and to stay active on it is a must. Here, we help you steer leads to your website in an innovative way with the help of photo, video, and carousel advertisements on this fastest-growing social network.

PPC or Pay Per Click

When speaking of high-performance PPC campaigns, it is much more than just a numbers game. The PPC Marketing is important for branding your business. It attracts your customers, and generates prospects into conversions. We employ data-driven insights to accomplish the top ROI for your business.

Our Google Ads certified and professional team invests good time analyzing the length of each website visit. It also evaluates the tour every single visitor takes. We determine conversions rather than easy wins that get traffic. You can trust us because we promise you results and no excuses.

Display Advertising

Display Advertising concentrates on showing ads for your business on well-known sites and apps. You can display these ads on the top or sides of different website pages, mobile apps pages, and social media feeds such as Facebook. Your digital marketing will be more effective and influential if it works together. Here, we create and design display ads and video ads for your business and put them on most popular websites.

Business Branding

We design brands that are not just visual identities, but will make visitors sit up and take notice. Your brand is a visual epitome of your business and is unique to you. Your brand is leading to your business, so it is vitally crucial that it is ideal. No business is too small for a massive quality brand, and at Preinfo, we ensure you get noticed.

So, let’s decide a suitable time to talk about how we can help you grow your business online!